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These days, even your local business has global reach. A simple online presence can bring you access to over two billion potential customers, readers, and clients – all at the click of a button.

Of course, it’s never quite that simple. In a world where internet access is that easy, just about everybody can do it, and they do. With a crowd like that, standing out is the cornerstone of success. You can’t afford to be “just another website,” even if you’re focused on your local sales.

That’s where search engine optimization comes in, and at LongBeachSEO.com, we’ve got you covered for real page rank improvements to make sure that your customers can find you online as easily as they find you on the street.


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  • Bots find you

    The major search engines crawl the web looking for signs of a valuable site; we know what they’re looking for and how to make sure they see you.

  • People find you

    Search engines are the number one way that people find information on the web. A top search results ranking is your key to visibility.

  • Customers find you

    People who find you through a search engine are the people you’re most interested in – because you’re exactly what they’re interested in.

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Thanks for all the traffic :)

" There’s no getting around it, the internet is a big place. LongBeachSEO.com made sure that my blog isn’t ‘just another website.’ "

Evan, blogger

Tons of sales!

" Applying professional SEO drove traffic through my site, and it was quality traffic, too – I saw conversions into sales almost double when LongBeachSEO.com got to work. "

Caitlin G., sales manager

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